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Why you should have a birdbath in Perth

Living in Perth, we are blessed with some of the best climate conditions in the world. Whilst our summers can get scorching, and our mild winters are a tad nippy, we are accustom to many clear sunny days than cloudy ones. 

With the beautiful Mediterranean climate means we are fortunate to have so many animal species on our doorstep. One you might be so used to seeing fly around is the humble bird. 

Encouraging birds into your backyard is a personal choice, whether or not you are a fan of the flying species. But you should be! By encouraging natural birdlife into your space you are promoting the healthy development of our local ecosystems. 

Birds are natural pest controllers, pollinate plants and spread seeds. One way you can help our flying eco-warriors is by having a birdbath in Perth. 

Having a birdbath in Perth’s suburbs, you’ll have a black cockatoo or a honeyeater flying on by in no time. 

Here are the three most important reasons why to have a birdbath in Perth. 

Protection From Predators

What are birds most fearful of? Our beloved pet cat might be a bundle of fluffy joy in your home, but when stalking the street they are a real danger to our native wildlife. 

Consider elevated or pedestal birdbaths to offer sweet respite for birds escaping attack.

Birds Need To Bathe!

A common misconception is birds only visit birdbaths on hot summer days. But birds need to groom and clean themselves daily to keep their feathers in good condition. Dampening the feathers loosens the dirt and makes their feathers easier to preen.

When preening in a birdbath, birds delicately rearrange their feathers and spread oil from their preen gland to help them remain waterproof. This traps an insulating layer of air underneath to keep them warm! 

Dying For A Drink

On our scorching hot days, we are thankful for our air conditioning. It’s not as easy for birds, with their thick coat of feathers keeping them warm, and on hot days, too hot. 

Birdbaths in Perth can be a lifesaver in these situations. Did you know at 37 degrees Celcius, birds suffer from heat stress and begin to lose their physical condition. From 45 degrees, without shaded shelter or water, birds can quickly die. Consider a birdbath in your backyard for this reason alone!

Plus, they look great too! Adding a birdbath to your backyard can elevate the taste level and bring some beautiful, natural wildlife right into your backyard! 

We have an extensive range or bird baths for sale in Perth. But don’t worry, if the thought of encouraging birds into your yard terrifies you (or just isn’t your cup of tea), we have a range of garden statues for sale to suit your outdoor needs. We are open every day of the week!

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