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Bagged Mulch, Manures & Mixes

You can find a vast range of quality bagged mulch, manures and mixes at Down to Earth Garden Supplies. We are avid gardeners who want the best quality products for our lawn, veggie patch, garden beds and potted plants. 

Need dense nutrient products for your growing space? Our stock includes manures, mulches, compost, fertilisers, lawn food, soil conditions and more. Whether you are an avid at-home gardener or a landscaper, you can get your hands dirty with our quality products sold at competitive prices. 

Not sure what type of garden soil you require? Please don’t hesitate to chat to one of our friendly staff in-store or over the phone with any queries regarding which bagged products you may require. We can also arrange bulk delivery of any of our bagged products within the same day. Simply give us a call and let us know what garden supplies you need, and we can get them to you ASAP!


You need to buy a birdbath in Perth. Not only do they add to the design of your outdoor space, but they serve a greater purpose! Birdbaths support our bird wildlife, especially in the warmer month. 

Encourage birds into your front or backyard by including a birdbath. They provide birds with a place to hydrate as well as preen their feathers. Birds need to groom daily; by cleaning and separating their feathers to keep them in excellent condition. By providing a watering hole and pruning space, you are doing your bit to support local birdlife. 

When you purchase a birdbath in Perth, ensure it is located in a shady spot around other trees or shrubs for the birds to have a vantage spot. To complete your birdbath set up, add some large stones or a perch, so birds have a place to drink and preen with their head above water. Sit back and enjoy your local birdlife! 


Backyards in Perth often boast more outdoor space than the majority of other capital cities. We love our outdoor space in WA and need many landscaping products to maintain them. One product we keep finding uses for in the backyard is gravel. 

Gravel is one of the most affordable and versatile materials in landscaping. It is extremely useful as a flooring material; you can use it as a walkway, in between pavers for a pathway, or to fill the underfoot of your driveway or patio space. Use it to line the base of water features or surround the base of a firepit. 

Gravel can be a drainage solution in trenches or replace mulch on garden beds. We stock bindoon red, cracked pea, whole pea, crushed limestone and road gravel in our range. We offer same-day delivery for any of our gravel products. Get in touch with one of our team to organise a drop-off! 

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