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Pavers, Slabs & Steppers

We are your one-stop-shop for all landscaping gardening needs in Perth. We have you covered! Down to Earth Garden Supplies currently stocks a huge range of pavers, slabs and steppers for your paving needs. Can’t everyone just walk across the grass? You might be wondering why you need paths in your outdoor space. 

Pathways do exactly that, create paths and guide movement through space. Using pavers, slabs and steppers to outline your pathway, you can direct people through the most favourable parts of your garden. As well as highlight the high points and disguise the more unsightly areas of your space.

We primarily love steppers to create pathways to complete your outdoor space. When you have a garden path, you show inhabitants and guests alike that you care about how they transition through your yard.

You can lay stepping stones on compact soil and spread a fine aggregate like granite or cushioning sand to level out the steppers. And, for a particularly box-shaped backyard, curved pathways can add an organic, gentler touch to your yard. Strategically bendy paved paths encourage walkers to slow down and take in their natural surroundings.

Our slab range is ideal for your driveway. Slabs are waterproof, can withstand high levels of impact, and you can lay them over coarse river sand or crushed rock. Plus, they are super easy to install too. With DIY videos and enough research, you can easily install them yourself. What is the difference between pavers and slabs? Pavers are brick-shaped, and they are smaller and thicker than slabs.

We recommend using pavers in decorative edging, wall cladding, around your swimming pool and raised garden beds, or even around water features. When laying pavers on the ground, use crushed rock or river sand to create a solid foundation.

Please browse our range of slabs, steppers and pavers below. No matter your landscape and design needs, we stock a vast range of products to ensure we have you covered. If you are looking for a selection of decorative steppers to act as a focal point, make sure you check out our range of floral-inspired pavers or the charcoal log style stepper. If you aren’t sure what type of pathway product you need, feel free to ask us in-store or drop us a line at (08) 9274 5757. We would be more than happy to recommend the best product for the job.

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