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What materials are used in landscaping?

Whether you are a professional or a home gardener, everyone with a green thumb needs to know the basic materials to start their landscaping project. The materials you use are critical to the maintenance and survival of the beautiful garden you create. We offer a range of different landscaping supplies at Down to Earth Garden Supplies, but first, let’s breakdown the need-to-knows about landscaping materials.  

Hard vs soft landscape materials  

Hardscape materials are what create the foundations of your landscape, including concrete, bricks and stone. Soft materials are what bring your area to life! These are flowers, greenery, mulch and trees, to name a few. Both of these materials work hand in hand to create an incredible landscape, whether it’s in your front or back yard, the garden bed at school, or the empty space at your workplace. Whatever the area, these materials are crucial to creating the best looking project.    

Why use both hard and soft materials? 

One of the top reasons we use both hard and soft materials is to create structure and foundation while still looking bright and lively. Using hard materials, we can create drains and percolators to help water get to the soft materials and keep them alive. Using hard materials in a patterned layout can create a unique space. Did someone say patterned pavers and geometric pathways?   

What materials are used in landscaping?  

At Down To Earth Perth, we offer a range of hard and soft materials to help you get creative with your landscaping endeavours. Not every project will be the same, so once you have an idea, pick what materials will best execute that plan.  

Hard landscape materials often remove the need for watering, mowing and fertilizing your yard. If you are looking for something low-maintenance but still visually appealing, check out some of the beautiful pavers we have at our store. We have a range of pebble styled pavers or log styled steppers perfect for creating an accessible garden. Heavy-duty outdoor pots can keep your soft materials off the hard materials while still maintaining a lively and vibrant oasis. We have an array of pebbles in a variety of colours which make for great fillers or perfect for creating a garden path.  

Introducing soft materials into your space is essential if you are after a serene, earthly space. We love a water feature as a centre point as it can really bring together a drab yard. We have plenty of birdbaths to choose from to bring the fauna to your flora. Or maybe one of our abstract water features to really make guests gawk! Flowers and vegetation are also a must for that hint of greenery in your backyard blueprint. We are also a sand and soil provider in Perth to help rejuvenate those plants and help them thrive. Our range of garden food, mulch and manure will help that vegetation blossom into something beautiful.   

Buying bulk landscaping materials is the best way to go to start your landscaping venture. Jump online or come see us instore and get everything you need to get stuck into your new project. We offer the best range of landscaping materials, supplies and products. You won’t need to look anywhere else! Come see us at 235 Morrison Road Midvale or give us a call on (08) 9274 5757 for any questions.   

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