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Waterwise Garden Supplies

Bagged Manures

You might be looking to upgrade your existing garden space or researching before you build a garden of your own. In any garden plans it is vital to consider taking on the element of a waterwise garden in Australia. 

Why? Aside from being a crucial element to the survival of your garden, in today’s climate it is vital to try and preserve our most precious resource. 

Another benefit of a waterwise garden is it requires less maintenance and the possibility of skipping irrigation. 

What is a waterwise garden?

A waterwise garden is creating a garden with plants which need low supplemental water needs. It also is implementing practices aiming to reduce the overall amount of water your garden uses. 

How you can waterwise your garden.

Plan Your Waterwise Garden 

A crucial step when designing your garden space is planning. Depending on what size space you are working with will determine what kind of plants and landscaping can be done. But no matter what the size, your garden space can be waterwise. If you are irrigating your garden, clustering plants together with similar water needs will ensure there isn’t over watering. Considering tree placement and where shade is provided will help retain the water levels in your garden.

Incorporate Australian Native Plants

Australia’s harsh climate means our native plants know how to thrive under the often dry and hot conditions. Opting for Australian native plants when designing your waterwise garden will help you immensely. We love using succulents and dry tropical plants to transform even a small waterwise garden space.


Incorporating one of our waterwise mulches into your garden, even from just 6cm deep can reduce the water evaporation in your soil by up to 70%. Mulching isn’t just for your garden beds, don’t forget to include it as a blanket for your pots too! We have a vast range of light and dark mulches for your waterwise garden. 

Re-wetting agent

Going into our summer months, it is handy to consider using a re-wetting agent or water crystals to ensure any water isn’t washed away before absorption. Did you know, including this step in your waterwise gardening can save watering by up to 50%?

Good Quality Potting Mix

When it comes to water retention, it is worth spending a bit more on good quality Australian potting mix. We have a range of mulches, manures, fertilisers and mixes to choose from to help keep your garden waterwise. 

Our team has a lot of knowledge when it comes to gardening. When designing your next outdoor space, don’t hesitate to chat to us. We are happy to help. 

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