Water Features Perth

Add an elegant water feature to your outdoor space and complete your garden

You’ve taken the time to find the perfect sand, soil and mulch to feed and nourish the beautiful flowers and plants in your garden but there still seems to be something missing; we have just the solution for you. Down To Earth Garden Supplies provides a quality range of water features to Perth home and business owners. These features capture the imagination, adding a touch of elegance to any garden or outdoor space. Contact us today.

Our stock features a wide variety of water features that Perth homeowners and landscapers prefer for their style and functionality.  The team at Down to Earth has years of experience that has allowed them to hone their skills and sharpen their eye for detail. We are happy to assist you with advice  for your outdoor space. Once we’re on the same page, we will walk you through the best options for your desired effect.

The selection of outdoor water features, which includes panels, fountains and abstract features, is available in a variety of shapes, sizes and textures. With your input, we can place these amazing landscape additions anywhere you like. They are designed to create a classic sense of beauty in any garden or outdoor space.

Bali style water features

A Balinese water feature is a bold statement piece, designed to transform the look and feel of any outdoor area. Choose from our ornately handcrafted and beautifully designed vases, statues and waterwall features that will add a serene ambience to any setting. We have terrazzo and stone water features, textured and smooth, offering you an endless array of options. Balinese culture is infused into these beautiful pieces, so browse our selection and find some stylish and functional backyard features to suit your taste and style.

Pool water fountains

If you’ve made the effort to keep your pool in pristine, glistening condition but it still seems to be missing a certain something, consider a fountain. It’s an add-on that is guaranteed to enhance your poolside atmosphere and surrounding area.

We source and purchase our stunning water features from the finest overseas suppliers and manufacture many of our own in our overseas factory. Down to Earth Garden Supplies provides new and traditional styles to cater to all your preferences. Whether for home or business, you can be assured we have a water feature to set your garden apart.
Occasionally, our full selection of water features may not be available, however, we will go above and beyond to arrange for it to be ordered in our next shipment.

Contact us today to add a touch of class to your garden with one of our elegant water features.