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Statues and Ornaments

There is more to garden ornaments than humble garden gnomes. The right curated garden ornaments are an easy and effective way to spruce up your outdoor space.

When it comes to decorating our backyards, there is only so much greenery we can plant. Once your yard is packed to the brim with foliage, it may still be lacking that wow factor you were after.

At Down To Earth Garden Supplies, we are specialists in the art of landscaping and garden design. The perfect addition to any backyard space is including an array of garden ornaments and statues.

Why bring garden ornaments into your backyard?

Think of your garden ornaments as clues to exploring your garden. Just like a garden bench encourages a place to sit and reflect, garden ornaments bring personification into a backyard. They act as clues by saying, “Come look over here and explore over there.” When precisely placed, garden ornaments give a yard the correct flow as we journey through. They can direct the gaze to the most appealing spots in your yard and distract from the less pleasing parts.

Garden statues are the perfect way to add balance to your outdoor furniture. Especially if you are trying to create an ‘outdoor room’ effect, it helps to have more than just a table, chair and plants! You wouldn’t have an empty room in your home, so why leave your garden so sparse? Plus, come the inevitable times when our gardens aren’t blooming, garden ornaments provide the finished look we desire.

We have a huge range of garden ornaments on offer, far more than just some garden gnomes! From metal garden ornaments, concrete garden ornaments and garden sculptures, we have the pieces to complete your garden. Our selection of monk and Buddha garden statues are a customer favourite; we are constantly restocking these! If they don’t take your fancy, we have everything from frog garden ornaments to wacky bird ornaments and everything in between! Or if you prefer the more whimsical approach, you will adore our fairy garden ornaments, too cute!

Ready to find the finishing pieces for your backyard? You can take a look at our range of garden ornaments and statues below. But nothing beats the real thing! Please browse our range in person at our store in Midvale. We would love to show you our favourite pieces! You can find us here seven days a week.

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