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Keeping Your Water Feature Clean

If you’ve invested in a water feature, to ensure it keeps adding tranquillity to your space, it’s important to keep it cleaned and maintained regularly.  

Why clean your water feature?  

Water features in our indoor or outdoor spaces are a focal point, and it doesn’t look great if our eye-catching pieces are looking aged or dirty. Regularly cleaning your water feature will ensure they will age gracefully and be looking good while doing it.   

Keeping a water feature clean for the first time may seem daunting and too easy to just leave it. But it’s not as hard as you think and can be done in no time.  

How often should you clean a water feature? 

We recommend cleaning your water feature every one to two months. It depends on the size of your water feature.  

Smaller water features need to be cleaned more often than large water features. Small water features have less water running through them so algae tend to build up quicker. In comparison, larger water features have more water running through to dilute any algae build-up so they can be cleaned every other month.   

What you need to clean your water feature: 

  • Bucket of water 
  • Non-abrasive cleaning pad  
  • Dish soap or cleaning solution  
  • Water clarifier or algae solution  
  • Clean cloth  
  • Old toothbrush (or one specifically for cleaning your water feature!) 

How To Clean A Water Feature  

Firstly, turn off the water feature. If there are any stones in your water feature, remove them and clean them from any algae build-up.  

Remove the pump from the water. It’s worth checking the pump maintenance guide (if you still have it). If not don’t worry; they are pretty easy to clean. We will run through how to clean your water feature pump shortly. 

Once the pump is removed to clean your water feature, empty all the water in the fountain. If you are struggling to remove water from large water features, look into purchasing a Shop-Vac to make this step easier.   

Cleaning Time 

Using your non-abrasive cleaning pad/scourer, scrub the inside of the water basin with the cleaning solution you have. Scrub off all white scale and algae build-up using a bucket of water to rinse off your cleaning pad.    

For the pump: 

Put the pump in a sink or bucket full of water. Taking apart the pieces, most fountain pumps should have a removable face on one side. Open this, and you should be able to remove the propeller. Then, use a toothbrush to get into the crevices and gently wipe away the grime. Do the same with the tube if easily removable. Rinse under running water. 

When all parts are cleaned, you can put it back together and return it to your clean fountain. Fill with water again, turn it on, and your water feature is sparkling clean and running!   

There you have it, a comprehensive guide to cleaning your water feature. If thinking about the maintenance of a water feature was holding you back from purchasing, now you know the simple ways to keep your water feature clean. Now nothing is stopping you, check out our range of indoor, outdoor and wall water features.  

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