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How To Choose The Right Garden Soil For Your Garden

Landscape Mix

Choosing the right garden soil for your garden is one of the most important aspects of a successful patch. If you are after a thriving, ever-growing garden, then you must pick the right kind of soil for you and your plants. For a lively garden with constant rejuvenation, here are some of our tips and tricks to find your perfect match.

Garden soil

When it comes to your garden, there are quite a few varieties of garden soils that are essential in different gardening circumstances. Garden soil mix is a topsoil is enriched with compost and organic matter. Its heavy texture means it can hold water for longer than other soils. Garden soil mixer is the cheapest soil for your garden as it doesn’t contain the more expensive ingredients like other soils. Use this kind in your garden or flower beds. One of the main questions people ask is, can garden soil be used in pots and indoor plants? Our advice is not to use vegetable garden soil for plants in containers as it lacks drainage.

Potting soil 

Potting soil has a rich blend of ingredients like moss, vermiculite or compost that makes it very nutrient-dense. This mix, however, does not contain soil as it can carry fungus. The materials in the potting mix will feed your plants and will drain them well so they will not hold too much water. So, can this kind of garden soil be used for indoor plants? YES! Potting mix is intended for growing plants in their containers or pots and is excellent for indoor potted plants. For a greater plant focus, you can find blends that are targeted for your specific plants.


Many beginner green thumbs are unsure about whether garden soil is the same as topsoil. Topsoil is in the name: soil taken from the top layer of the earth. If you are looking for the best garden soil sale price or to buy garden soil in bulk, topsoil is the cheapest because it is free of any extra ingredients like moss or compost. Collected from the earth and thrown in a bag is how easy topsoil is created. But remember that the intention topsoil is as a general-purpose landscape material. We do not suggest using topsoil for trying to grow your plants as this is not its job. You can use it as a base to mix up a homemade batch of soil.


Mulch is something to use on top of your garden soil mix as a covering. Mulch is designed to retain the soil’s moisture, suppress weed growth, cool the soil, and make the overall appearance of the garden bed more appealing. Organic mulch can be made of many materials like bark, wood chips, grass clippings, or leaves. When choosing your mulch, it is essential to know the origin, as the wrong choice can mean the introduction of unwanted sprouts or contaminants.

Hopefully, one of these kinds of garden soil mixes fits your gardening job at home. Finding the right soil for your garden is the most crucial step in starting your green thumb journey. If you have any questions about soil and garden supplies or would like a quote from our soil suppliers in Perth, give us a call on (08) 9274 5757.

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