Garden Pebbles

Add a stylish touch of colour to your garden

Down to Earth Garden Supplies stocks a range of beautiful pebbles and stones to suit garden pots, fountains, and planters and paths. Imported directly from China and Indonesia, our garden pebbles come in a wide range of sizes, colours and textures. Landscapers and homeowners can purchase 20kg bags from our Perth-based store or you can purchase 10 bags or more and receive a discount. Contact us for more information.

Environmentally friendly

One of the main benefits of garden pebbles and stones is saving on your water bill thanks to the reduced evaporation which ensures that your soil stays saturated for longer.


Imported from reputable Chinese and Indonesian suppliers, our landscaping rocks and pebbles will add a touch of elegance to any garden. Browse our selection of stones and pebbles and find one or several to complement your outdoor space.

  • Black pebbles
  • Red pebbles
  • Multi Mixed
  • Off  White pebbles
  • Green pebbles
  • Snow white


There is huge variety of garden rocks and stones designed to suit your rustic, modern, vintage or Zen-styled garden, but you’re not limited to just adding personality to your garden. Add some beauty and introduce striking colour to aquariums, fish bowls, courtyards and coffee tables. Versatile décor accessories to make any feature stand out.

Gardens don’t need to be straight forward flower beds, planters, green grass and a few trees. Use it as a canvas and let your creativity loose. Plan your garden décor in the same way you would your interior and see a masterpiece take shape.

Visit our store and see what we offer. We are passionate about user-friendly, beautiful gardens, which don’t cost a fortune. That’s why we offer high-quality products at competitive prices.

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